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Full access & flexibility

Our Mac in Cloud concept offers you worldwide access to our dedicated Mac mini’s in our fibre connected datacenter. On these dedicated machines we offer you the possibility to install your own software and RDP solutions. Developers all around the world develop their macOS and iOS apps with our Xcode software on the Mac mini Late 2014 or Mac mini M1 2020.



When ordering a Cloud Mac our customers appreciate the easiness and instant access to a Mac in the Cloud. We have updated our portfolio with the latest Macs, to make sure both developers, private people and companies can make use of our Mac Pro and Mac mini in the cloud. Our portfolio currently lists the Mac Pro Late 2013, the Mac mini late 2014 and a Mac mini M1 2020.

M1 Mac Cloud

Mac mini M1

By continuously listening and receiving feedback from our customers, we have decided to extend our portfolio with the Mac mini M1 in the Cloud. This M1 Mac cloud product enable our macOS developers and others customers to develop the lastest iOS and Xcode apps. macOS development on a Mac in the cloud is in this way easier than ever and worldwide available and accessible.

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