Lease the MacBook Pro 13" M1 for € 99,- per month

Rent a Mac remotely?
We provide the fastest processors and largest storage space.



A remote Mac works extremely fast. We have the best and fastest Mac Pro for you. All you have to do is log in from a Macbook or Laptop. Then you can control your own fast Mac remotely.


We are flexible for you and you can therefore cancel on a weekly basis and therefore also rent a Mac in the cloud for a few weeks. This way you can discover whether a Mac will suit your needs or not. Many laptop users would like to try a Mac remotely for the first week. That is why they are trying a Mac in the cloud with us.


Through our experience we know what professional users of a Macbook want. Even if you want to edit videos for a specific period, renting a Macbook on stand is also ideal. You can use this Mac professionally with all the programs you want to use. Even with special Macbook software like Logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro X.


We have various options to configure your Mac in the cloud. The Mac Pro 5.1 is just as the basis model and which you can configure yourself. This way you can enjoy a super fast Mac without ever having it in your hands.

Which Mac can be rented remotely?


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Rent a Mac in the cloud for professionals

Renting a Mac in the cloud is the cloud-based Mac solution you are looking for! As a user you get access to the Mac servers for app development, Mac tasks and all the programs you want. All your work is supported by real Mac hardware that is hosted in professional space at RentYourMac. Because we host the Mac hardware on a super fast Mac, you can surf worry-free, edit texts and edit videos.

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