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THE CLOUD – Mac Pro 12-Cores – Silver

From: 39.00 incl. VAT / week

  • Very powerful remote and dedicated Mac Pro
  • Access via remote software
  • No limits on usage: Full access & installation of personal software
  • Suitable for e.g. Xcode, Design, Audio, Video and other professional work
  • Software like Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, Cinema 4D, Davinci Resolve and more available as add-on
  • Internationally available through fibre connection at AMS datacenter

Basic hardware configuration:

  • Mac Pro 5.1 12-Cores (Dual 2.4 GHz 6-core Intel Xeon)
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 256 GB SSD
  • 640 GB HDD + 500 GB HDD
  • Radeon RX580 4GB

Basic software configuration:

  • MacOS 10.15 Catalina
  • Xcode 11.5
  • iWork & iLife

Delivery in 1 working day


It is now possible to access your own Mac instance remotely, we call this The Cloud. An environment which you can configure yourself completely. Our machines have powerful CPU’s and lots of RAM to choose from.

A lot of professionals use our products for coding, or heavy audio and video productions. You can use all of this power for e.g. AI or machine learning. Everything to be a real Pro!


Do you need extra software? We can help you. We can provide you with various software solutions like Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, Cinema 4D, Davinci Resolve, Photoshop, but also MS Office, ProRes and Premiere Pro. Configure your software during ordering, or let us know afterwards, we’ll give you a quote and you will have your software in no-time.


Part of your order is a fully dedicated GPU. This is an AMD Radeon RX 580, which you can use for professional design, AI, Cloud Computing, or Deep Learning.

Remote access

Working at night? No problem, you can access your Mac 24/7. We will provide you with instructions to log in for the first time. Easy right?

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